Saturday, December 16, 2017

GFreedom's Juke Box No.209

Hello all!
  After a long break my usual Saturday "Juke Box" post is back, with my weekly Top-5 song list.
  I had an extremely busy time lately, so I wasn't able to listen and pay attention to music as much as I would like to. But this week things went better, so I could sit down and enjoy some nice music.
From all the songs I listened to during the week, these are the ones I liked the most:
SIVERT HOYEM: Lioness (Lioness - 2016)
CHRYSILIA: King of a Stellar War (Et in Arcadia Ego - 2017)
THRESHOLD: State of Independence (Legends of the Shires - 2017)
DIO: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (We wish you a Metal Christmas - 2008)
PROCOL HARUM: A Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harum - 1967)
If you are interested of listening to the songs in my list, just click on the following YT links:
CHRYSILIA: King of a Stellar War
THRESHOLD: State of Independence
DIO: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
PROCOL HARUM: A Whiter Shade of Pale
I hope you will enjoy the music.
Have a nice weekend!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Prog n Roll's 'Christmas Special' show, on Sunday the 17th of Decemeber.

Hello all!
I would like to inform you that this Sunday the 17th of December, Prog n Roll will celebrate the Christmas holiday season with a special show. We prepared a rather jolly - and powerful in parts - playlist, including Christmas songs in Rock versions, together with many other famous or not so famous tunes.
Bcause we will not have a show on Christmas Eve, this will be the last one before Christmas.
But we will be back right after Christmas for something really special and epic! But more info on that later on.
 So, if you are in the mood for some good music and a very warm and friendly company, listen to Prog n Roll on Sunday the 17th. The show begins at 20.00 UK time, and it is a live bilingual broadcast.
We hope to "see you" there!
Thank you!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

CHRYSILIA: Et in Arcadia Ego (2017). My review on a really wonderful abum!

  This is an album that I discovered recently, and I was really surprised by their sound, their music quality and their compositions; not to mention that they are from Greece. Because there is a possibility that their name doesn’t mean anything to most of you, it is better to begin by writing a few info about the band:

  Chrysilia is a Symphonic/Folk Metal band based in Athens, Greece. Initially a concept child by musical actress & Rock performer Chryso and composer/keyboardist Elias Pero (ex-Sovereign), this quickly evolved into the formation of a band consisting six experienced members. A few months ago, they released their debut album Et in Arcadia Ego, which as I wrote above, I discovered almost a week ago.    
  I can’t say that the “modern” Metal scene is my cup of tea, but this album just blew my mind! Where to begin? From the really good compositions; the “catchy” melodies and the great guitar riffs; or the presence of electric violin? Another very important element is the wonderful female vocals by Chryso, the band’s singer, which gives another dynamic to their sound.
  All members of Chrysilia are excellent and professional musicians, that they know their instruments very well, and that is something that becomes obvious when you are listening to this album. Another fact I really liked is that, they draw their themes and inspiration from the vast Ancient Greek mythology, which is very interesting to say the least. (And familiar to me). (For those who may wonder, I should say that Arcadia is a mountain area in the Peloponnese region in Greece).
  If I would have to find a band that Chysilia reminds me of, I would say Nightwish without a second thought. Just replace the Scandinavian themes with Ancient Greek ones, and you are almost there. But further than the lyrics, Chrysilia’s music is more romantic and more mellow in many parts. (Always in comparison with Nightwish).
  But let’s see how the band itself describes this album: [Our music could be vaguely described as soundtrack metal, having influences from different music genres, ranging from folk, jazz and musicals to power metal. The main theme here is having clean-cut, catchy tunes, no matter how heavy or complicated is the musical background. It’s like listening to a motion picture soundtrack, but on the hard n’ heavy side. Lyrically, this is a concept album based on the idea of Arcadia, as this was depicted in the Renaissance as the dreamland that our souls travel in the afterlife or just by achieving a higher state of intuitive enlightenment. Our album, however, has a metaphorical meaning. It is a journey in time and fantasy, myths and reality, fairy tales and politics, life and death itself, through the eyes of a girl growing up: Her name is... Chrysilia].
  Judging from my reaction, there is a great possibility that Et in Arcadia Ego will be included in my Top-10 list with the best albums of 2017. 
Favourite songs (so far): By the Gates of Ypsus / The Menalon Trail / Desperate Wings / Arcadia / Chrysilia / King of a Stellar War (cover).
  This is a really great and enjoyable album! Try to find and listen to it!
Here's a few samples for you:  
My Rating would be 4.0 - 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Prog n Roll radio show (10/12/2017). A small "review" and the complete playlist.

Hello all!
  Well, this was a fantastic and fun show! Many things happened, some of them totally unexpected!
Let me get it from the start:
  First of all, last night's playlist was including songs taken from this year's releases exclusively; some older ones and some others very fresh. It was also included a song that is going to be released next year!
  We had a lot of people listening, including many musicians once more, mostly from UK, Germany and Italy. We also played a fun Christmas charity song, recorded by a project, that includes many musicians who are among our faithful listeners.
  Everything was going fine, up to the point that near the end, we announced that the next show on the 17th was going to be the last one for this year; and then we were going to have a long holiday break. At that point we almost had a rebellion on the shoutbox! So, after talking about it for more than a half hour, and after voting (!) on some things, altogether we decided that Prog n Roll will have a break on Christmas Eve. But, we will return for a VERY special 3-hour show on the 31st, during which, altogether will change the year in 3 different time zones! (More info on that later).
 So, have in mind that Prog n Roll will be online on the 17th, and then again on the 31st. 
I already think about the show on the 31st, because it is going to be EPIC!
Here you can take a look at last night's playlist:

Part 1: LONELY ROBOT: Sigma / ELOY: Early signs… from a longed-for miracle / SILHOUETTE: The flow / GENTLE KNIFE: Fade away.
Part 2: SHITS & GIGGLES: Wake Up / COLIN TENCH PROJECT: Welcome to your world / MARCO DE ANGELIS: Keep Going / DRIFTING SUN: Twilight.
Part 3: MOSTLY AUTUMN: Back in time / GANDALF’S FIST: Winter’s mourning / INNERSPACE: In motion.
Part 4: SOEN: Lucidity / CHRYSILIA: Desperate wings / AYREON: The day that the world breaks down.
A very big thanks to all those who chose to spend their Sunday evening with us. I hope you enjoyed it!
Thank you all!

Friday, December 8, 2017

DAVID GILMOUR: Live at Pompeii (2017). Not exactly a review...

This live album was recorded at the Pompeii amphitheatre and it was the first public  performance since AD 79. (Don’t forget that Pink Floyd’s Live in Pompeii had no audience). This was a truly historical moment, and those who were able to be there that night must feel extremely lucky. It was recorded on July 2016, and it was released on September 2017.
  Now, as for the album itself; it is available on double CD, double vinyl, digital downloable format, and as DVD and Blue Ray as well. (The concert was filmed of course). 
  Live at Pompeii includes some of Pink Floyd’s famous songs, mixed with songs from Gilmour’s solo works. (The tour that included the Pompeii concerts was promoting Rattle that Lock album). 
  The songs are all very well performed, Gilmour’s guitar sounds great once more, the production is - of course - excellent, and despite that Gilmour’s voice is not what it used to be, it’s not a big problem. After all, what are the studios for? 
  If I could recommend one version, I would say to buy the DVD or the Blue Ray version, especially if you own a system with good sound quality. That way, you will be able to enjoy the music, but also watch that spectacular concert. 
  I don’t want to write many things here, because everybody knows who David Gilmour is, everybody knows his contribution to music, and I don’t believe that I am the one who can judge. 
Personally speaking, I have the album, I listen to it from time to time, and I am pleased with it. 
                   My Rating: 4.0 (out of 5.0) stars
 Here you can watch a couple of songs that are included in the DVD:

Thursday, December 7, 2017

GANDALF'S FIST: Winter's Mourning (EP) - 2017. My first thoughts...

  Every time Gandalf's Fist is releasing something new, 2 things are certain:
1. It is better than their previous works
2. The band includes more members!
  Since their early days where they were just two people doing all the jobs, they have reached the number of 6 members, with the new additions of Ben Bell on keyboards and Keri Farish on vocals. Both are excellent additions and I'm certain that they will contribute a lot to the band's sound. This first sample is quite reassuring in that...
  Winter's Mourning is a wonderful piece of music in my opinion. It is kind of a dark and melancholic tune, and the kind of song I would like to listen on a cold Winter night. If I had a home near a forest with a fireplace in it, that would have been better; but I'm afraid I have nothing like that. But even without these "special effects" I enjoyed it a lot!
  This EP is released just in time! So, do not hesitate! Write a letter to Santa, hoping that you were a good boy/girl… Maybe Santa will bring it on your (digital) doorstep.
Here you can order the digital version:
                                 4.5 stars
P.S: We want more stuff like that please

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

INNERSPACE: Rise (2017). My review...

 This is a band I discovered recently, and once more I was surprised by its quality.
Innerspace is a Canadian band, with only 2 album releases so far; The Village (2012) and Rise (2017).
  Rise, is a 70-minute-long concept album, about a dystopian future, which is dark, melanchonic, but beautiful and melodic at the same time. I found many similarities between Rise and Black Science by Machines Dream(Both are new bands - well, kind of - both are Canadians, both released dark and melancholic concept albums this year, and both doesn’t try to hide their Pink Floyd influences). Their music includes lots of piano and keyboards, but also beautiful guitar riffs and solos. 
  The album opens with a small intro including a choir (Dawn), followed by the wonderful instrumental Tree of Life, which could be easily used as a soundrack for a movie. This was the first song I heard by them, and because of it, I tried to find more info about the band and this album. One of the best songs in the album without a doubt. It is a long, melancholic and very beautiful composition, which has a very interesting turn after the middle of the song.    
  Tree of Life is followed by The Other Side, another sad, but beautiful tune as well. The low tempo and the melancholic style continue with the 4th song (In Motion), but once more the song includes a significant change and a wonderful guitar solo, which improves the song even more.
  Fill the Void is the 5th track, and one more song including a major change in style. After a short piano intro, the song changes completely, with loud guitar riffs and a fast and powerful tempo.
  Sunset is another melodic instrumental, but not as melancholic as Tree of Life. (And 6 minutes shorter). The first part of the album closes with Under the Spotlight; a good and powerful composition. 
  And then, the second part of the album begins, which includes the Dystopian Delirium, divided into 5 parts. It begins with another intro, followed by Shadow of Freedom, which sounds like it was recorded by Dream Theater! But then comes the album’s longest track (Forsaken Dreams), which is one of the highlights. Stronger than Death continues in almost the same style, and then comes Dusk, which is the album’s finale, including a choir in the same style like Dawn; the opening song (and Tree of Life as well). 
  And just like that, 70 minutes have passed, and I reach my hand and press the “repeat” button. Because one time is not enough.
  I am not sure if I will finally include Rise in my list with the best 10 albums of 2017, but it seems very possible to happen. This is an album that definitely deserves your attention! Give it a try, and have your ears wide open!
                                4.0 (out of 5.0) stars
Here's a sample:

Monday, December 4, 2017

PROG n ROLL's Special theme show (3/12/2017). The complete playlist and more...

Hello all!
  Last night, the first Prog n Roll radio show of December was online; this time with a special theme show.
  This time, we had with one of our friends and listener, and altogether prepared and presented the show. We wanted to make something different than usual, and we thought of making a show including only cover versions. And so we did! The only exceptions, were 2-3 songs recorded by the original artists, but in different versions.
  We had a very big crowd listening, including people form many countries once more, such as: England, Greece, France, Germany, Sweden and United States. Among them, we also had 6-7 musicians from many different bands, and altogether we spent 2 very pleasant hours with good music and lots of fun on the chatbox.
  I think that it was a really interesting and fun show, and judging from the people's reactions, everybody had great time!
  Here's the complete playlist:

Part 1: QUEEN: We Will Rock You (Live) / RUSH: Summertime Blues / HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES: Five to One & Break on Through medley / RAMONES: When I was Young / MARILYN MANSON: Sweet Dreams / RAMMSTEIN: Stripped.
Part 2: ROGER WATERS: Knocking on Heaven’s Door / THE J CONSPIRACY: Have a Cigar / SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE: Space Oddity / DAVID BOWIE: Port of Amsterdam / FISH: Five Years.
Part 3: SCORPIONS: Holiday (acoustic) / ERIC BURDON & WAR: Paint it Black / JULIE DRISCOLL: Let the Sunshine in / ROD STEWART: You Keep Me Hangin’ on / JOE COCKER: You’ve Got to Hide your Love Away.
Part 4: ALL ABOUT EVE: The Witches Promise / TRIDDANA: All Souls Night / NIGHTWISH: Phantom of the Opera / IRON MAIDEN: Doctor Doctor / MACHINE HEAD: Hallowed be Thy Name.
  I would like to thank all those who joined our show, hoping they had a wonderful night with us. Also, my friend Yannis, who helped us with the creation and the presentation of the playlist. It was a great show for us as well!
Thank you all!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

TIGER MOTH TALES: The Depths of winter (2017). Something like a review...

 Tiger MothTales is the personal project of the English singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Jones. The Depths of Winter is his 3rd release, that comes after Cocoon (2014) and Story Tellers Part.1 (2015).
  Some time ago, I wrote a piece about Story Tellers Pt.1, which I believe it was a really wonderful album. In case you are interested, you can find it here:
  When I heard about his new work I felt really excited, and I couldn’t wait to listen to the new material. And when I finally got it, I was a little bit surprised by the overall style of the album, because it is more “serious” and more melancholic than the previous 2 albums. For that reason, I had to listen to it a few times in order to feel familiar with it. Especially in comparison with Story Tellers, a fun and rather happy album, the difference in the major style and sound is more than obvious.
  If I had to compare this album with his 2 previous ones, I would say that I would place it over Cocoon, and below Story Tellers. It includes some wonderful melodies, like for example Winter Maker; which I can’t stop listening to, or Hygge, with the strong Genesis influences. Another song that I have to point out is The Ballad of Longshanks John.
  There are 3 long (over 10 minutes) songs included here, all of them very interesting ones; Winter Maker, Exposure and The Tears of Frigga. But as I wrote above, Winter Maker is the best of them by far.
  Another very interesting point is that, despite that Tiger Moth Tales is an one-man-band, the sound is very rich, and not depending on keyboards like many other one-man-bands and projects. If you don’t know that, it's not possible to guess that every instrument here is played by only one person. And for that, it gains lots of points from me.
  I can’t say that I’m perfectly pleased or disappointed by that album, simply because I was expecting something very different. Well, maybe I’ll have to wait for Story Tellers Pt.2 for that.
But the truth is that, The Depths of Winter is a very serious and well-made piece of work. 
    And for those reasons I will rate it with 3.5 (out of 5.0) stars.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Prog n Roll's special 200th show, now available as podcast...

I would like to infrm you that since today, Prog n Roll's special 200th broadcast is available on the show's Mixcloud page.
That night we did a really good and interesting show, including parts from some selected older shows, from 2012 till nowadays; mixed with good music of course.
So, by clicking on the following link you will visit Prog n Roll's Mixcloud page, where you can listen to the 200th show, among others that are already uploaded there.  
You can also become a follower and get informed about the shows that we will be uploading.
I hope that you will like it.